Light Bulb Temperature

Deciding on what light bulb to use in which fixture can get overwhelming. Is it too yellow or too white? 

Before picking out any light bulb, consider the temperature. The colour temperature of a light bulb is measured in Kelvin’s. The scaling is from 1,000°-10,000° of the illumination provided by the bulb.

There are three primary types of colour temperatures: “Soft white” (warm), “bright white” (natural) and “daylight” (cool). The higher the degrees in Kelvin, the whiter the colour temperature.

1) "Warm" Temperatures

Think of sunset or candlelight when you are comparing Kelvins that are 2200° to 2700° . Mostly appearing in bedroom floor lamps, chandeliers over kitchen tables, and pendants in living rooms, these bulbs tend to be a more inviting and create a cozy atmosphere.

2) "Natural" Temperatures

Bright and natural lighting colours occur when you are around 3000°. Entryways and bathrooms are usually where these bulbs are used. They create a warm and welcoming atmosphere placed in overheard fixtures. These tend to be mixed with whites, greys and blue on walls and for accessories. 

3) "Cool" Temperatures

Moonlight and computer screens are comparisons when thinking of more than 5000°. These types of bulbs are mostly used with security and task lighting. Placed mostly in work areas like garages and basements, they create the brightest blush or stark white appearance.