Kitchen Lighting Tips

2020 has made kitchen's the most common room in a house. That is why in 2021 don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Make your kitchen the most desirable place inside your home! You want to make sure you plan everything out strategically to get the most of a kitchen. 

A Few Tips to Consider:

  • Check for natural light before adding any additional lighting.
  • Illuminate high traffic spots (islands, sinks, cabinets, etc). 
  • Accentuate cabinets and flooring with under or above cabinet lighting for nighttime use. Cabinet lighting illuminates high used areas for a functional space. Reading spices and preparing ingredients got a whole lot easier with cabinet lighting.
  • Use your whole space. Don't be afraid to go too large .Strategically use the measurements of your kitchen and be bold when choosing pendants or chandeliers. 
  • Be creative and add more than one type of lighting fixture (pendant, chandelier, flush mount, etc.)
  • Mix 2-3 finishes overall, remember GOLD is the colour of 2021!
  • Create a feeling or style and plan it out before installing any lighting. 

Use the three types of light layering to enhance your kitchen's visual appeal! 

1: Ambient: Lighting

The primary source of lighting in a room is the Ambient Lighting. This serves as the foundation of all the lighting in your kitchen which improves the sense of depth and warmth. This can be pot lights throughout the kitchen, or pendants over your island.

2. Task Lighting

Illuminating a high task area for specific jobs is task lighting. Adding cabinet lighting increases the amount of light to your kitchen by illuminating specific spots. This is useful for seeing small objects or objects of low contrast.

3. Accent Lighting

Think of your favourite items in a particular room. These are the pieces that get noticed. Accent Lighting accentuates distinctive items. It can also be a design statement to complement a room and create visual interest. Putting a big pendant over your sink or adding cabinet lighting in glass cupboards are all types of accent lighting.

*Using light laying will add depth and dimensions to your kitchen, create a new look, accentuate and showcase your kitchen, create a statement and fill in any unwanted space.